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Ode to the Counselor – in – Training

Posted by on August 4, 2012

You may hear of them often during the summer. They are not entirely a camper but not yet a counselor. Yes, we are talking about the wonderful, dutiful, Counselors-in-training otherwise known as the CITS.  The CITs have a very important job: learning what is to be a counselor and still have fun being a camper.  The girls took their job very seriously this summer.  The got to assist a class during the day, help out in the office, help little girls water ski, hand out canteen at the beach, and write about the day’s events in the Officer of the day log.  Check out Alex’s very creative log entry – She raps about her day: 

The CITS also get to be the stars of the much anticipated Co-ed show!!! The Co-ed show is a mix between a musical and variety show describing the funny events of the summer at both Woodland and Towering Pines.  The boy and girl CITs get together over a course of 2.5 weeks during the evenings to practice singing, dance moves, and their lines. This year’s Co-ed show theme was “That Camp Show.”   Opening was Thursday night and the CITs were hamming it up as usual. The Co-Ed show started out with the theme song from “That 70’s show” called Hello, Wisconsin!  The rest of the show was funny, witty, with a lot of great songs that tied the whole show together.    At the end of the show we had a slide show of all the best pictures of the summer at both camps.  The kids love seeing themselves in their glory and it also signifies an end to another wonderful summer in the Northwoods.
Parents, this show should not be missed.   The next Co-Ed show performance will this Saturday night at 7:30pm at the Towering Pines Rec. Hall.