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On Top of the World!!

We just finished the end of the 4th Week of the camp and these girls are on top of the World!!!  The girls are in their groove – excelling in activities, working as a team to accomplish larger than life goals, and just having fun being themselves! Every week at camp we have a “theme” that we strive to use in our daily camp routine.  Week 4’s theme was all about “Trust”.  Trust in themselves to work towards levels they never passed before. Trust in their cabin mates to try new group activities:

Overnight canoe trips


Zip line at the Ropes Course

ropes course14

Trust Walks in our Exclusive Climax Forest



A lot of these experiences would not be as fun without girls knowing each other for the last 4weeks. It’s amazing to see such  growth in such a short period of time. The 4th week of camp is also about celebration.  Celebrating the years every girl has been coming to camp:

  • First, we mark the celebration by every camper getting a wood medallion with their name, summer theme, and years at camp.
  • Secondly, we all get dressed up for the big birthday bash (yes dresses, hair do’s and all) where we eat dinner and fancy birthday cake!
  • Lastly, we have a ceremony to honor all the girls who have attended camp for 5 years (sterling silver pendants) and for 10 years (Camp Woodland logo blankets).  These items will be cherished forever as many of our alumni still wear their pendants proudly at alumni events.

Thank you Jordan Family for running this most cherished camp for 45 Years!  This is a special place that so many kids call their “summer home”.  Thank you Parents for keeping this tradition going and proudly letting everyone know how special camp is to your children.

Camp Birthday Honorees

camp birthday