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Posted by on July 7, 2012


As you all know, having new experiences and cabin unity are two main cornerstones here at Camp Woodland.  What better way to discover yourself and face new experiences than to go out into the wilderness with only sleeping bags, tents, food, and a roll of toilet paper.  The canoe trips are a special night for the campers. They get to paddle across the lake and spend the night with their cabin away from camp.

So far this summer we have had two very exciting canoeing trips!  The Sunrise cabin consists of campers ages 8-9 also had their canoe trip challenge, where several of the girls discovered a new activity that they just can’t wait to explore more…CANOEING!  Everyone got a chance bow (front) and stern (back) in their canoe. Even though this trip was much shorter, it was still equally rewarding.  We packed up our sleeping bags, tents…and yes, a roll of toilet paper, and headed off into the abyss, known as the boat landing. The girls enjoyed setting up their own tents (with some assisted instruction), cooking dinner and breakfast over the fire, having an evening swim, singing around the campfire with guitar accompaniment, and building many memories that will no doubt be shared during their future canoe trips.   

The CITs went on a long, exciting paddle beginning at Chain Lake, through Echo Lake, to Stone Lake, and finally through the channel ending at Sand Lake, where we were all ready to set up camp. When we made it to the campsite we quickly started a fire and setup tents with little to no problem.  Then, it was dinnertime, which of course was cooked over the campfire. The rest of the night was spent around the campfire, telling stories, singing camp songs, and the most desired aspect of the canoe trips…roasting s’mores!

Thank you Katie for taking  the cabins out this summer!!!