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Packing Tip #3 – Favorite Things to pack by Suzanne!

Our veteran counselor, Suzanne, gave us her secret packing list of her favorite things.  Read, enjoy, and be inspired to pack a few wacky items to get into the camp spirit:

My Camp Woodland Packing List Favorites:

1. Flashlight- reading a bit after lights out is impossible without one

2. Water Bottle- being hydrated has its benefits (ps. we are selling Woodland Water Bottles this summer)

3. Towels, many- I spend most of my time at the waterfront sailing, so towels are an absolute necessity! I fall in the water at least a few times a week… And I need a couple reserved for shower times.

4. Shoes

a. I need my water/boat shoes. Safe sailing.

b. Flip Flops for showering

c. Flip Flops for everywhere else

d. Athletic type shoe so I can easily participate in evening activities and whatever else I am running from, typically the chickens at Farm Zoo.

e. Barn Boots since I never quite know exactly what I will doing all summer (plus, I can cling to the hope that I may work in the barn a bit)

f. Rain Boots- Moist socks do not sound appealing to me. I rather protect my feet by surrounding them in a 1/16’’ rubber shield.

5. Hair Ties!

6. Deodorant- when living with 10-13 other people, personal hygiene is a necessity.

7. Sunscreen because it is summertime and the rays get intense

8. Clothes from every color of the rainbow- borrowing clothes is great, but I personally like to have my own arsenal. Plus, I am a bigger girl, so I can lend to everyone (might as well have some stock to choose from).

a. Camper Councils

b. Dance/Drama/Gymnastic Shows

c. Olympics

d. Sunday Games


9. Nail Polish- summertime is the time my nails are polished

10. Rain Gear- When that Woodland Dew comes barring down it is a wonderful feeling to know that you will not be soaked to the bone. I like having both a rain coat and rain booties (as mentioned above).

11. Warm Stuff- I usually underestimate how cold it is going to get at camp. Reality is probably high 60’s but after days of 80 it seems chilly. A nice comfy sweater and comforter are my go to items.

12. My Ultimate Favorite Thing to bring to camp is my wacky wardrobe. I can bring all of the major fashion faux-pas that hang in my closet at home to camp. Camp offers so many opportunities for dress up, and at camp I am not chastised for my, what some would call “eccentric”, style. Camp it a great place to be you.

13. Deck of Cards=Endless Entertainment ( plus, it is quiet enough to get away with during rest hour, on occasion)

14. “Woodland-ware” because winning Best Dressed and going to Fair Days are hard to do without it.

There are more things that I do bring, but a few have been outlined above. The thing is… how do you make a concise list of your favorite things to bring to camp when you have a long list of things you really, really like to bring to camp? Difficult to do is what I think.

Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!