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Problem Solving = Song Contest!

Every week at camp we have a theme that the whole camp focuses on inside the cabin and also in activity areas.  Everyone is adjusting well to camp life and feeling very comfortable with each other in the cabin! Therefore, this is a great week to focus on problem solving.  Counselors encourage campers to recognize and take pride in their special talents, while recognizing and respecting the different talents of other campers.  New team challenges provide opportunities to show personal leadership and make maximum use of different individual talents to fulfill a common goal.

The end of this week cabins will be learning problem-solving skills by trying to have the best song for Song Contest!  Song Contest Night is where cabins write a new song (usually changing the words to a popular song heard on the radio) about camp.  The camp song is all about camp activities, the summer theme, the year, and they always get bonus points for appreciating the nurse, kitchen, and maintenance staff! Cabins usually get very into this and in recent years have a dance to coordinate with the song.  They have to work together to pick the song, create the lyrics, and appreciate their peer’s contributions without putting down some one else’s ideas.  The winning cabin gets to have their song performed at the end of the summer Co-Ed show.   This is a big – big deal!

I can’t wait to see the performances this Saturday Evening! Check out a previous song.