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Reunion “Rap” 3

DSC00869Chelsea, Aranxta, Colette, Sofia, Daphne, Elena 

Here are the final updates from campers who attended the Chicago Reunion last month.  The 2015 CIT’s interviewed each girl and asked: 1) what is the favorite thing about school this year, 2) activities when not in school, 3) any fun trips taken or planned, and 4) what each camper is looking forward to next summer.

Chelsea: 1) Student Council, 2) go running and hang out with friends, 3) cruise to South America over winter break, 4) Co-Ed Show

Aranxta: 1) be with awesome friends, 2) dance & tennis, 3) came to reunion from Mexico, 4) Co-Ed Show and be a good CIT

Colette: 1) at a new school and I really like the people I have met, 2) dance & soccer, 3) came to reunion from Florida, 4) being a CIT, being in Co-Ed Show and assisting classes

Sofia: 1) junior tennis team at school and intermediate girls choir, 2) hanging out with friends, 3) no trips planned, 4) being a CIT and Co-Ed Show

Daphne: 1) being part of the tennis team, 2) tennis and hanging out with friends, 3) Arizona for my sister’s graduation, 4) sailing and Co-Ed Show

Elena: 1) meeting new people in HS, 2) school’s dance team, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family, 3) going to an island off the coast of Florida before camp, 4) being a CIT, being in Co-Ed Show, organizing events, and seeing all of my camp friends

DSC00870Grace, Claire, Caroline, Jackie

Grace: 1) my cooking class, 2) volunteer at a barn for kids with disabilities, 3) possibly going to Italy, 4) camp

Claire: 1) my Spanish class, 2) sailing team for school, 3) going to visit camp friends in Mexico City, 4) being a 2nd year CIT

Caroline: 1) fashion merchandising class, 2) planning a Relay for Life event, 3) going to visit camp friends in Mexico City, 4) being a 2nd year CIT and making new memories

Jackie: 1) AP History class, 2) 3 clubs: Future Educators of America, Volunteering Club, and National Spanish Honor Society, 3) Mexico City to see camp friends in January and a cruise in March for Spring Break, 4) being a 2nd year CIT

DSC00865Jenna and Gigi

Jenna: 1) Science, 2) dance, 3) Mexico, 4) riding

Gigi: 1) the end of the day, 2) riding my horse, Buddy, 3) Door County in Wisconsin, 4) seeing everyone

DSC00841Aubrie, Chelsea, Sofia, Arantxa, Irene, Susie, Daphne

Irene: 1) plays the trumpet in band, 2) plays soccer and softball (made it to the Allstars), 3) possibly going to Italy for Spring Break, 4) seeing everyone again

Lydia: 1) being in 8th grade, 2) Riding horses and trying out for volleyball, 3) Italy?, 4) seeing everyone again