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Sarah’s Day as OD

Posted by on August 5, 2011

My Dearest OD Log,
Woodland fair day! Wahoo! My day was absolutely fantastic! I woke up Starshine for their first meal of hopping and they were ecstatic. I started off my OD duties with cabin inspections. Tamarack, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Swiss Army for her, YUM! Chelsea, good job on camper of the day, and Liz for counselor of the day, REPRESENT! I cut over 1,000 Woodland dollars and let me just inform you; I have become one with the paper cutter. I stocked Canteen with the best selection I think I’ve ever seen in that shack. Jessica and Mera, good job on winning the clown contest! Donna and Fiona, the TP boys loved you guys too, don’t worry! In fact, great job to all the clowns! I was very entertained! The fair was a load of fun; good job everyone for yet another remarkable turnout! After we sadly said goodbye to out favorite boys from TP, it was time for “everyone dunk the CITs!!” I mean rec swim of course. Cayley, Sam and Molly, your consistent efforts to get me under was almost inspiring, great job on not giving up! Picnic was delicious as always, Aquarius finally got to sit with Sliver Birch, which was a blast; we even tried planning a CIT/Camper sleepover! Maybe next year girls! Holiday in the sun was mesmerizing (boys have cooties) and Co-ed Show practice was the prefect end to an amazing day.
Signing off forever, (tear)
Rasta Pasta
P.S. I K’ed A C
P.P.S. I don’t know about you guys, but my hips don’t lie
P.P.P.S, Ines, I seriously have no idea who you’re talking about