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Sara’s Counselor Corner – Getting Ready for Camp!

Are you getting excited for camp???  Sara Fisher is definitely ready for camp and is going to be writing a post every week about her summer in the eye’s of a counselor.  Get ready for some great reads about her adventures along the way!  Sara’s first blog is hot off the presses:

Camp Woodland for Girls

Sara at pre-camp 2012

Here I go, getting ready for another wonderful summer in the North Woods at Camp Woodland.  2013 marks my eighth summer at camp…where did the time go?! If you were to really look at how many years Camp Woodland has been a part of my life, it would actually be around 14 years.  And yet, I find myself thinking back to that first summer and realize there are going to be a number of new campers this year who will get to experience camp for the first time making memories that will last a lifetime.  From 2000 to 2004, I spent five summers as a camper swimming, sailing, and canoeing on Sand Lake as well as learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, ride a horse, and be creative down in the arts and crafts room.

Sara and sister Kelsey - First Day of Camp 2000

Sara and sister Kelsey – First Day of Camp 2000

After a seven-year hiatus, where every summer camp was on my mind, I made a decision and returned in 2011 as a counselor and I look forward to going back every summer.  Even after all these years, I have a vivid memory of the summer day in 1999 when my parents took my sister and I to visit camp.  The Jordan Family were so welcoming and though I was nervous about the idea of spending a summer in Wisconsin (as opposed to my native Ohio) they along with my dad, a Towering Pines alum himself, assured me that I would have tons of fun.  How right they were!

It truly is a wonderful experience to go to camp.  Everyone gets to be a new camper or counselor at some point but the atmosphere is so welcoming that you don’t feel like a newbie for long.  I remember everyone’s names that were in my cabins with me all those year.  I also remember everyone’s name that also attended camp during those first five summers.  How many times can you say that?  The first two days at camp can seem kind of slow and make you want to go home but have no fear the next thing you know, once activities start, it will be the last week of camp and you will ask yourself…Where did the summer go???

Sara Fisher and her sister Kelsey

Sara Fisher and her sister Kelsey

It doesn’t matter if you are a first, second, or third generation camper there is a place at camp for you-as a part of the Towering Pines and Woodland extended family.  The benefits of going to camp are astronomical! The people you meet, the experiences and opportunities you have, and the memories you make will shape who you decide to become-I know they have for me.  Make sure to join us in 2013 to help us be “All WE can be in 1-3”!!!