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Song Contest Winner – Sunnyside!

Way to go Sunnyside for your amazing performance! Below is the video (need to go to blog site to see the video) and the words to the song!

Here are the words
Bags packed, heading out
County D I see it now
Meet me at the end of the Woodland road
See my friends I know what’s next
These six weeks will be the best
Be all we can be in activities!
Today I sailed Atty
And watched the arrows fly
I’m gonna get canteen
Making new friends I’m about to break loose
Hey kids, here we go, summertime so let’s go
Put your hands up this is fun in the North woods
Learning lines for drama
Dance away your problems
Serving tennis balls
This is fun in the north woods
Hey, hey, yeah, I gotta get to farm zoo
Hey, hey yeah, you know we love to canoe
Hey there, Woodland girls
Summertime, so let’s go
Put your hands up, this is fun in the north woods
Sunday fun, in the sun
Got a fair at TP
Get your Woodland wear for the TP boys!
Candy is a no-go
Counselors took away our phones
But we love all the Jordan family!
Today I’ll make some crafts
And lock and load my gun
I wanna ride Rashad
Trying new things I’m about to break loose
Hey there, woodland girls
Summertime so let’s go
Put your hands up, this is fun in the north woods
Maddie’s in the water
Mojo’s in her rocker
Blow joanne a kiss, ‘cause we’re loving the jordans
Hey, hey, yeah, our dreams are gonna come true
Hey, hey, yeah, lee and kim we love you
Hey there, kitchen staff
We love you all so much
Fill your plate up, thank you dan for lasagna!
Let’s go! Come on shake those jazz hands
Let’s go! Let me see your sock tan
Let’s go! Come on show your bug bites!
Hold on! There’s a leech on my foot (salt salt salt salt salt salt salt salt!)
Hey Chet, thanks so much
Now our toilets finally flush
Runnin’ to see Amy
‘cause I gotta get a health check
waterfront to riding
swim away to cathy’s
show the camp a flip
‘cause today I have gymnastics
hey, hey, yeah this week we’re getting clean freaks
hey, hey, yeah, today I’m going tubing
hey, camp here we go
susan loves to drive that boat
put your hands up
we’re in love with camp woodland