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Step On The Gas As We Go From Acclimate to Accelerate

Posted by on July 12, 2016


After establishing our rhythm in the first two weeks of camp, we can push a little harder on the gas pedal and see what adventures await us during weeks 3 and 4. Some campers have decided to challenge themselves with a new activity (or two) while others strive for greater mastery in favorite activities.

Riflery Target

It was SO EXCITING yesterday at assembly to hear all of the announcements of campers passing levels, staying up on skis in choppy water, making a mooring for the first time, learning to canter, mastering a skill in gymnastics, or earning a qualifier in archery. Campers start to EXPLODE with accomplishments during the next 2 weeks – it is fun to watch them BURST with confidence like never before!


Having been together for a while, cabin groups usually discover that not everyone agrees all of the time. We embrace this opportunity for the real work of camp to begin! Several cabins will go on a canoe trip for a fun bonding experience and a change of routine. There is something about paddling to a destination, cooking over a fire, and sleeping in a tent that provides an opportunity for campers to connect in a way that is different from being at “home” in the cabin.

Canoe Trip

Song Contest is a highlight of this 2-week period. With the support of the counselors, groups come together and appreciate each other’s unique gifts and strengths. I am always amazed at what cabins can do when they put their heads together, change the words to a song, add in some creative dance moves, and practice for an all-camp performance. Behind the smiling faces during show time is the teamwork, negotiation, compromise, and problem-solving that went into accomplishing a common goal.

Lip Sync