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Summer 2008 Approaches

Posted by on June 19, 2008

Greetings Woodland campers and counselors! Another summer in Eagle River is just on the horizon. The staff at pre-pre camp are working hard to rustle Woodland awake from its winter slumber and getting everything ready for your arrival in a few short weeks. So put your school books away, get your bags packed and throw your sunglasses on because it’s TIME TO CREATE IN 2008!

Camp Woodland would like to introduce two new members of our summer team. They just arrived a few days ago from their home in Bessemer, Michigan, and they are here to make our summer taste great. Can you guess what they’ll be doing at camp?? You got it…they’re our new cooks! Mary, our head cook, and her assistant Greg love the outdoors. They spend their free time in Michigan camping, hiking, swimming, and backpacking. Welcome to the Woodland Family Mary and Greg!

Signs of summer. Although the counselors have not yet arrived, you can feel (and see) summer brewing all around Camp Woodland. Swim apparel has been spotted outside of Tamarack, Brandy (the dog) has already rolled around in every dirt pile, and have no fear Woodland ladies, the lake Gnomes are BACK after a long winter hiatus.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the counselors this Saturday, and then only one short week until the Summer officially begins. So listen here Woodland ladies, whether you’re coming from the U.S., Mexico, France, or China, we hope you are all getting geared up for a summer filled with activities, fun, friends, and memories!

Check out the pics of pre-camp at the Camp Woodland Photo Gallery (