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The "Eye of the FUN Storm" (posted by Kim Wenzl Aycock)

Posted by on July 22, 2012

Yesterday (Saturday) marked the end of the 4th week of camp, and as one of the counselors so eloquently stated, today is the “eye of the fun storm”.  As I reflected on the profoundness of this statement, I realized that she was totally on track with her sentiment!  The children have been at camp for a month now, and they are seeing the results of their efforts and persistence in activities.  This was evident in the announcements made by counselors at evening assembly that celebrated the campers’ many achievements and levels passed in swimming, riflery, and archery. 
Saturday night’s event showcased the amazing performances put on by the gymnastics, dance, and drama classes for the entire camp and visiting parents.  The girls in gymnastics demonstrated their perfected skills through floor, beam and bar routines.  Fourth and sixth hour dance classes showed off their moves to a mix of upbeat music.  The grand finale of the evening was the brightly costumed Woodland Player’s rendition of “Alice in Wonderland.” 
Friday was Camp Birthday and today is TP Fair, so Saturday was sandwiched in between two extremely FUN and highly anticipated camp traditions (hence the appropriateness of the phrase “the eye of the fun storm”).  Stay tuned for the rest of the story on these events…!!