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Thinking Outside the Books: The Benefits of Summer Camp


It goes without saying that parents want what is best for their kids, right?  Since we are on the subject of “Back to School”, you may be interested to know that kids today need to be more than “book smart” in order to be successful once they leave home and are off to college.  Just because a child excels at academics or has talent in another area (sports, music, art, etc.), doesn’t mean that she will automatically rise to the top after entering the “real world” of higher education or the work force.

Todd Kestin (Huffington Post Blog – August 20, 2013) asks, “where does a person learn confidence, independence, responsibility, how to find and navigate meaningful relationships, the importance of putting attention on others, and how to surround oneself with people who bring the most value to your life?!  According to Kestin, the answer may surprise you (it does not surprise us, of course!).   These characteristics (and more!) are learned through the SUMMER CAMP EXPERIENCE!  What is learned at summer camp is important not just for success in college, but for success in LIFE!  (to read more of the Huffington Post Blog by Todd Kestin, CLICK HERE)


So, while it seems like the summer just ended, now is the perfect time to be thinking about plans for continuing the learning process for your daughter(s) once the “official” book learning has taken a “pause” at the end of another school year.  I’m sure you have fielded the question on more than one occasion, “How can you send your daughter away to camp each summer?”  After reading Kestin’s blog, a good response would be, “How can you NOT send your daughter to camp?!”

We look forward to having your daughter join us at Camp Woodland next summer where she will experience a LEARNING SURPLUS!