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This Is How We Summer!

Posted by on July 10, 2015

Walmart Sign

If I am not mistaken, we just celebrated the 4th of July holiday less than a week ago?!  I thought so!  So, you can understand why I was taken aback upon seeing the above sign while I was shopping yesterday for a few things I will need for a month at camp.  I have a feeling that Halloween and Christmas decorations will soon follow.  UGH!  Another reminder of how commercialism tends to RUSH things a bit!

How we do summer

So, I’m going to suggest that we have “Back to Camp” signs and enjoy the time of year that we have all been waiting for instead.  After all, the summer is just getting started!  We are only at the end of the 2nd week, and so there is a lot more AWESOME to come.  I think the slogan from Vineyard Vines, “This is how we Summer”, speaks better of what we do at camp.  From Wednesday cookout to crazy costumes and kissing the bunnies at Farm Zoo to cabin jammie parties…THIS IS HOW WE SUMMER at Woodland!


Wednesday Cookout


Crazy Costumes

"                               "

Kissing Bunnies at Farm Zoo

StarshineJammies in Starshine Cabin