Camp Woodland Blog

We Welcome You to Camp Woodland!


We’re mighty glad you’re here!! We are so excited the campers are finally here after a wonderful week of getting the camp ready! The horses are grazing in the field, the docks are in, and the cabins are sparkling. A little woodland dew in the morning didn’t hold us back. Here is just a short list of all the fun activities your campers did today!

  • Played Beach Volley Ball
  • Created Sand Castles at the Beach
  • Swam in the lake  (yes, it was plenty warm to swim!)
  • Played many Field Games – buddy tag, parachute, hog call (weird name, lots of fun!) and much more!
  • Created a Cabin Cheer!
  • Sang Camp Songs after dinner (we love to sing at camp!)


After so much activity the girls were famished and were treated with Dan’s famous Mac and Cheese for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner!  Mmmm….Mmmm….good!

The international campers just arrived, so our camp family is ready for another fantastic day tomorrow ! We are signing off for now but will write more tomorrow. 

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