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What does this summer’s theme mean to YOU?? By: Jaime Kotin


Every summer we have a new theme. It gives us something special to focus on each year. Previous themes included:

  • You Gotta Believe!
  • It begins with you!
  • Proud to be me!
  • Spirits Soar!
  • Dreams Come alive!
  • Get in the Mix!
  • A New View in 1-2!

The theme this year, All WE can be in 1-3, will mean something different for each person. For some it will mean teamwork and working together. For others it could mean trying your best at whatever you do. For me, this summer’s theme is about challenging yourself to be a better person, cabin mate, friend, and team member. It means that there is no limit to what we can do and what we can accomplish. If you can dream it you can achieve it. It means that even if we are limited as an individual, as a team, nothing is impossible.

“Being all you can be in 2013 means giving everything your all and not worrying about what others think. You need to be true to yourself and try your hardest. Do what you love and don’t be embarrassed about who you are.” -Lindsay


“The Summer theme means to me that you should always try to be the best you can and to just be yourself!” — Mera

“This summer’s theme opens your mind to the infinite (and we know that’s actually true) possibilities a summer at camp can mean. It is what has led several of us to spend a decade at Woodland. All that we can be also means, for me, that we can be out best selves even in adversity, and at camp, situations tend to go against us or challenge us. Even more, it is a constant challenge that pushes us to explore all that we can be and improve on it, on everything. All that we can be together, that’s what I would add to it.” – Natalia

“To me this theme means that we have endless possibilities to be what ever we want (ie. An amazing friend, a level up in activities) we just have to believe in each other and in ourselves.”- Grace

Can’t wait to see you at Camp!