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What to “Do” With a Little “Dew”

Posted by on July 3, 2024

In case you didn’t know, it never rains at Camp Woodland! How is this possible you ask? We just get a little “dew” as was the case late last week (and a few days this week too). Woodland Girls do not let gray weather dampen our spirits…the “show must go on”! The ever popular Lip Sync Contest is hands down one of the most highly anticipated rainy day activities. I can remember dry summers when we actually got to the 4th or 5th week of camp, and the campers were wishing for a “dewey” day just so that they wouldn’t miss out on Lip Sync Contest.

Silver Birch wins 1st place with “Heigh-Ho” from Snow White 

The 7 dwarves from Silver Birch were named the “official” 2024 Lip Sync Contest winners with their rendition of “Heigh-Ho” from Snow White by the “official” judges (The Jordan Trio + Nurse Laura). Lip Sync takes place in the Rec Hall and is the perfect cabin bonding activity regardless of when it happens in the summer.

It is a great way to continue solidifying and strengthening the bonds that have been forming in cabin groups this first week. There is a different feel within groups now than on June 22nd. By the end of this week – LOOK OUT! Campers will really be hitting their stride with adjustment to and comfort with being at camp.

Sunnyside gets into the spirit with a Taylor Swift song

With the help of their counselors, campers negotiate which song will be chosen for the performance, and then they must come together to decide on costumes, props, and dance moves. It is not unusual to see hairbrushes used as microphones and other interesting items (such as a broom and dustpan) appear. Sunnyside went all out with “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. The coordinated hair ties add a nice touch for a 2nd place finish, ladies!

Hilltop wows the crowd with “Take a Hint”

Hilltop took 3rd place this summer with “Take a Hint” from Victorious. Always a winner to don Woodland/TP wear! If truth be told, some cabins actually decide on the song they will use prior to the announcement of Lip Sync Contest so they are ready when the event is called – what dedication. There is a good chance the Live-Ins fall into that category as they each did TWO Lip Sync songs – one with their cabin and one with the 3 of them together. Take a bow for your outstanding “Schuyler Sisters” performance from Hamilton. The hats “top off” your outfits!

Round of applause for the “Live-Ins”

As you can see from the vibrant faces in each photo, it’s really hard not to have a smile on your face when in lip sync mode. Let’s just say that courage and confidence show up in a big way even if being on stage is not your thing. The annual Lip Sync Contest fits right in with “Open New Doors in ‘2-4” because we are always up for an adventure (even when getting a little Woodland “dew”)!

Other popular “dewey” day activities include the “Human Treasure Hunt” (cabins with the most diversity rack up the most points – bonus points awarded for being a 1st year camper, speaking more than one language, having a unique pet, etc.), paper bag skits (cabins create a skit using the props given to them in a paper bag), and bingo (with prizes, of course!). Stay tuned for some more innovation with cabins taking on the challenge of coming up with a new version of the “lake gnome story“…I will be sharing those soon!