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You Know You Love Camp When…

Not only do campers get camp “sick”, but counselors and staff do, too!  Here is what the Woodland and TP staff have to say about how much they LOVE camp!


You Know You Love Camp When:

  • Nothing else occupies your thoughts.  Memories of camp consume the hours of all of us suffering from camp-sickness.  We love camp because camp friends are best friends, and we don’t even need to say it out loud.  We know, and that is all that matters.  It doesn’t make sense to anybody else, and we like it that way.  Camp lives in our hearts forever.
  • You start counting down the days until summer 2014 the day after you get home!
  • You are still singing the songs from Co-Ed Show months later.
  • When you look forward to next summer shortly after camp ends.
  • When you say good-bye to campers and friends, and you want to cry because you might not see them again for a very long time.
  • As soon as you leave, you start counting down the days until you go back.
  • You get back late to your other job just to squeeze out an extra day or two at camp (don’t tell my principal)!
  • You see the Woodland sign for the first time in a year and your heart starts to flutter.
  • You’ve been going to camp for 10+ years.
  • You want to share the love you have for camp with 60 other girls every year.
  • You sing the words to your Song Contest song instead of the actual lyrics.
  • All of your essays at school are about camp.
  • You find yourself thinking about camp during the year.

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