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You Know You Love Camp When…(CIT’s)


2nd Year CIT’s on Banquet Night

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You get super into all of your camp activities (ex: Spoon Assassins).
  • You can’t wait to spend the next summer at camp.
  • You’ve been away for several years but you still remember all of the crazy songs and traditions.
  • You get to hang out with all of your best friends in the cabin.
  • You plan your whole year around coming back to camp.


CIT’s at the Beach

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • There’s no place you would rather be.
  • You countdown to camp next summer as soon as you leave.
  • You cry at the thought of leaving.
  • You don’t mind getting bug bites.
  • Real life problems fade away once you are at camp.


CIT’s Serving Pancake Breakfast — YUM!

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You can’t sing the real lyrics to a song that was sung at Song Contest or Co-Ed Show.
  • You go to your camp friends instead of your home friends for advice.
  • You are so excited to see your camp friends at the start of every summer.
  • You cry during the slideshow.
  • No one understands camp at home, and when you try to explain, they don’t get it.
  • You’d rather tell your camp friends about the big happenings in your life versus your home friends.


CIT’s Showing Their Sunday Spirit

p.s. This is the last in a series of “You Know You Love Camp When” blogs…stay tuned for new blogs throughout the year!