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You Know You Love Camp When…(Tamarack)


Tamarack: Alien Invasion

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You smile and laugh with your friends.
  • Everybody knows all the names of campers and staff.
  • You make lasting memories.
  • We are in our activities.
  • You cry when it is over.


Tamarack: Banquet Night

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You can’t stop laughing.
  • Everyone huddles up and cries together when camp is over.
  • You think about all of the memories and smiles.
  • Counselors are always helping us.
  • You are still coming back to camp 10 years later.


Tamarack: Silly Sunday

You Know You Love Camp When:

  • You wait all year for camp to start again.
  • You call your camp friends, sisters.
  • You make new friends.
  • You come back and it feels like you never left.
  • You learn new skills like getting up on the wakeboard.


Tamarack: Gold Rush Day