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Your Adventure Awaits at Camp Woodland!

The word “adventure” holds a lot of possibility – the possibility of the unknown, of new memories, of high excitement. After five or ten summers coming up to camp, you wouldn’t naturally think that camp could hold any more adventure – you’ve lived in most of the cabins, tried close to every activity, and know which meals you look forward to the most. Yet something has us coming back year after year, and it’s exactly what this summer’s theme encapsulates – adventure, and the possibility of more.

Whether you’re a Woodland girl who is just arriving for her first summer or a Woodland girl who has lived in every cabin, tried every activity, and has the meal calendar memorized, your adventure lives outside of camp’s routine just as much as your comfort lives within it.

For a first-year camper, adventure will be in everything you do; the new friends that you make, the new food you try, and the new challenges you take on. Adventure is waiting for you at Woodland just as sure as you are waiting for your first summer at camp to start. Make sure to try every activity you can, from the ones you know all about to the things you may have never tried before. Your ability to slowly step outside of your comfort zone will only make your adventures that much more exciting!

For a returning camper, adventure lies in the unknown within the components of camp you feel you know so well; you know you’ll have cabin mates and counselors, but who will they be? What fun games, tasks, and challenges will your counselors have in store for you at your favorite activities? Will you win Gold Rush or make it to the end of your Spoon Assassins circle? Everything from your daily routine to the biggest special events is bursting with a possibility that can’t be replicated from years before — adventures are peeking out at you from around every corner!

Regardless of whether you’re arriving at Woodland for the first time or the tenth, your adventure at camp awaits you eagerly. Don’t be afraid of stepping a little further out of your comfort zone, because Woodland will be waiting for you with opportunities at every turn We are so excited to see what kind of challenges, exploration, and inspiration Summer 2018 has in store for you!

-By Natalie, Director of Sailing, 16 summer at Camp Woodland