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100 Days to Camp!

Today is the start of the 100 day countdown!  We believe this going to be one of our best summers yet!  Keep a close on the mail because the Annual Spring Camp Woodland & Towering Pines newsletter is hot off the presses.  You will be able to find out some of the new activities we have in store too!

To start our summer theme “Dare To Explore in 1-4!” off right, we thought a camp video is in order.  We were able to re-connect with Meg Caswell, Woodland Alumni circa 1980s. We had so much fun talking about one of her favorite activities, wind-surfing.  She told me that Mrs. Jordan really made her feel special about her quick advancement in wind-surfing  and even got an advanced windsurfing counselor from Towering Pines to teach her more techniques.  Meg told me, “looking back Mrs. Jordan didn’t have to go out of the way to make sure I got the most out of windsurfing”.  She said it is still one of her fondest memories of her camp experience.

Check out Meg’s story below or click on this link!


To learn more about Meg and her career, check out her website at


Meg & Lee in Virginia

Meg & Lee in Virginia