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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Sunnyside!

Posted by on March 17, 2014


We are so LUCKY to have you as part of the Camp Woodland family!
We can’t wait for the summer of “Dare to Explore in 1-4” to start…see you SOON!
p.s. Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? (Because you don’t want to “press your luck”!)
Favorite Things – Sunnyside
Arantxa– Being with my friends, Woodland and TP Fair, all the fun activities, passing levels in activities, Olympics, shows, campfire, birthday……
Daphne B – My favorite things at camp are my friends, sail race, riding, Olympics, spoon assassins, gold rush, picnic, and campfire.
Elena – Best friends, campfires, chicken patties, spoon assassins, Olympics, TP/WD fairs, cookout, rest-hour, taco-bar, nice counselors
Sofia S – Being with friends, Co-ED show, banquet, archery, sailing, passing levels, rest hour, Sunday activities, food/picnic and cookout, Olympics
Chelsea – Sail Race, my cabin, riding, Olympics, TP and Woodland Fair, spoon assassins, chicken tenders, riding, campfire, rest hour dance, camp,
Ana Paul T– My favorite things at camp Woodland are: gymnastics, Olympics, TP Fair, the friends that I have been making here, birthday, and campfire, and our cabin canoe trip!
Colette – Olympics, TP fair, taco bar, sail race, picnic, riding, shows, spoon assassins, campfires
Anna – Sail Race is one of my favorite things because I love to sail, I love this camp and riding the horses, TP/WD fair because I like talking to all of my friends, I love picnic because there a whole variety of food

100 Days to Camp!

Today is the start of the 100 day countdown!  We believe this going to be one of our best summers yet!  Keep a close on the mail because the Annual Spring Camp Woodland & Towering Pines newsletter is hot off the presses.  You will be able to find out some of the new activities we have in store too!

To start our summer theme “Dare To Explore in 1-4!” off right, we thought a camp video is in order.  We were able to re-connect with Meg Caswell, Woodland Alumni circa 1980s. We had so much fun talking about one of her favorite activities, wind-surfing.  She told me that Mrs. Jordan really made her feel special about her quick advancement in wind-surfing  and even got an advanced windsurfing counselor from Towering Pines to teach her more techniques.  Meg told me, “looking back Mrs. Jordan didn’t have to go out of the way to make sure I got the most out of windsurfing”.  She said it is still one of her fondest memories of her camp experience.

Check out Meg’s story below or click on this link!


To learn more about Meg and her career, check out her website at


Meg & Lee in Virginia

Meg & Lee in Virginia





Favorite Places at Camp!

We are surveying our camp counselors, staff, and alumni on their favorite places at Camp Woodland.  Camp Woodland is special to each and everyone of us for completely different reasons, which we love!  I have to admit my favorite place is the arts & Craft deck in the afternoon.  The breeze that comes off the lake gives me such wonderful memories.  It is something I will never forget!

Over the next few weeks we will be compiling everyone’s favorite places at camp and publish it as part of our official Camp Woodland Map!  We can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say…..

Our first entry comes all the way from Spain, where Natalia O, veteran counselor, is studying for a semester:

It is hard to think of an actual order for these, so their place on the list doesn’t reflect my preference because they each have something that makes them special):

woodland mapnat

1. The Cabins. Or should I say Cottages? This  seemingly lifeless buildings become our homes and safe-places for six weeks. They are almost sacred, definitely not to be messed with. Each group of girls makes them so much their own every summer, they become a different place every time you walk in there, they are hard to recognize even if you have lived there before. Jungles and beauty parlors, castles and secret-keepers, cabins are the ultimate all- girls club.

2.  The Riflery Range. There is nothing like learning a fun sport in a safe and secure environment! The serenity of being the furthest  into the woods, far from the hype of the rest of the activities.. Surrounded by nothing but trees (maybe some bugs) and working hard to improve your skills in the company of friends. That’s what the northwoods is all about.

3. The field. No greener grass can be found in all of County D. Running up, or down, or all around this famous Woodland Field, the very home of the camp motto “Everybody plays, everybody wins”, is the best way to get from one activity to another! To breath the fresh summer air or just to  realize how great life at camp is every morning.

4. The beach. This is one of Woodland’s biggest perks! Few places up north can say they have a beach this spectacular, and have such an awesome view as well. Everything is going on at that marvelous beach, from chi gong to beach volleyball; some good tanning sessions as well as Olympic competitions, that beach never seizes to amaze.

5. The tables at the dining hall. We all love the Dining Hall because, you know, food. But my love goes out to the tables themselves. This is where the magic happens! Where manners are properly taught; where cabins bond more than any other time of the day, and where we sing glorious Woodland songs!

6. The Woodland sign. It is the best and only welcome home sign you want to be seeing every summer! Once you spot it, you can be sure it’s all fun from here. It’s a pretty sweet Kodak moment too!

7. Outside the Rec Hall. The Rec Hall itself is an all-time favorite too but, why outside? Well, first because of the amazing sound system we have and second, because all the Dance and Gymnastics shows take place here and boy, the Olympic Games have nothing on us Woodland girls! Unbelievable talent and charisma has been shown throughout the decades and there is nothing like having your friends cheering you on

8.  Office Entrance. This is a very special place at Camp. Here we meet and greet all arriving campers so there are a lot of emotions floating around usually! And packages/ mail arrives so happiness is always here. Something is always going on and it’s exciting.

9. Canteen. Because you know, CANDY ! Right on the beach, nothing like an ice cold drink with a lake view like no other, it just makes you happy to be alive!

10.  The Archery Range. Wether we want to feel like Katniss or just have some delicious picnic food, this area is ideal for many activities. Evening games with your cabin or the usual everyday Archery schedule, the Archery Range is one of the sunniest and happiest places to be at Woodland.

Can’t wait to share with you even more favorite places posts at Camp Woodland for Girls!
Also, Don’t forget to tell your interested friends about the Annual Jordan Open House:

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