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Celebrate I Heart Camp Day – February 1, 2016

Girls Camp Overnight eagle river wisconsinOur favorite time of year (during the winter) is almost here!!  February 1, 2016 is National I Heart Camp Day! Help us spread the word on the importance of summer camp. Remember all those funny pictures we took of you with the “I heart Camp ” Poster. Well, on February 1, 2016 Camp Woodland campers, parents, staff, and alumni are encouraged to post their ” I heart Camp” photo as their Facebook Profile. Don’t have Facebook?

Here are a few ideas to show the world (or just your friends) how much camp means to you!

  • Instagram your photo! #Woodland4Girls #Iheartcamp
  • Print it out and paste on your favorite school tablet
  • Post it on your Pinterest Site
  • Make it a screen saver on your computer

Click the link to retrieve your daughter’s photos (we included brother-sister photos): I heart Camp Woodland Photos Link

Click the link to retrieve Camp Woodland Alumni photos:Alumni Photos Link

Need your son’s photo too? Click the link to your son’s (Towering Pines) photos: I heart TP Photos link

All you have to do is: 1- find your picture, 2- download it by clicking the download tab on the bottom right of the photo, 3-Post it this Monday, Feburary 1!

Girls Camp Overnight eagle river wisconsin

* We took these photos at the end of the summer. We apologize if your daughter could not be part of this project and hope to do the photos throughout the entire next summer! Make your own photo and post it!  We love to see your child’s creativity!

Happy New Year from 2015 CIT’s


Happy New Year — We CAN’T WAIT for “Everything Clicks in 1-6”!  Thank you, Aquarius, for sharing your best moments with us!

I am really proud of:

Lilly: getting better at tennis and earning my Marksman 1st Class in riflery

Frida: passing my riflery levels

Elena: standing up on the “pamper pole” at the high ropes course

Sofia: passing levels in tennis and riflery

Aranxta: winning a sail race for the first time

Grace: I am happy while doing things for others

Carlota: helping the little girls in dance class because they were able to get better

Daphne: making the transition from being a camper to instructing a group of girls or class

Collette: getting a couple of qualifiers in riflery

Chelsea: gaining new abilities to instruct others in activities


First day of activities 2015

The thing I learned the most about myself this summer:

Lilly: I LOVE living in a cabin with a bunch of girls my age and doing fun activities

Frida: I always try to do my best

Elena: I am capable of so many great things if I put my mind to it

Sofia: how to take on responsibility and work with others of all ages

Aranxta: I laugh and talk a lot

Grace: I am not as bad as I think

Carlota: you are never alone – you have other people and also you have yourself

Daphne: I am an encourager more than a leader; if I try really hard, I can always get something done

Collette: that if I try hard enough, I can accomplish anything

Chelsea: how to collaborate and respect others while still being true to myself and I love to help


Final campfire 2015

The best thing that happened to me at camp:

Lilly: I tried sailing!

Frida: meeting my cabin

Elena: meeting my best friends

Sofia: making new friends and becoming closer with old friends

Aranxta: meeting my real cabin

Grace: I was accepted in my cabin group

Carlota: I thought it was going to be really hard to get along with my cabin after being away for a few years, but it was really easy, and we are closer now

Daphne: I met so many new people who are all my best friends

Collette: meeting all of my best friends

Chelsea: becoming closer with my cabin

Sara and Calla

Rockin’ CIT counselors!