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Happy New Year from 2015 CIT’s


Happy New Year — We CAN’T WAIT for “Everything Clicks in 1-6”!  Thank you, Aquarius, for sharing your best moments with us!

I am really proud of:

Lilly: getting better at tennis and earning my Marksman 1st Class in riflery

Frida: passing my riflery levels

Elena: standing up on the “pamper pole” at the high ropes course

Sofia: passing levels in tennis and riflery

Aranxta: winning a sail race for the first time

Grace: I am happy while doing things for others

Carlota: helping the little girls in dance class because they were able to get better

Daphne: making the transition from being a camper to instructing a group of girls or class

Collette: getting a couple of qualifiers in riflery

Chelsea: gaining new abilities to instruct others in activities


First day of activities 2015

The thing I learned the most about myself this summer:

Lilly: I LOVE living in a cabin with a bunch of girls my age and doing fun activities

Frida: I always try to do my best

Elena: I am capable of so many great things if I put my mind to it

Sofia: how to take on responsibility and work with others of all ages

Aranxta: I laugh and talk a lot

Grace: I am not as bad as I think

Carlota: you are never alone – you have other people and also you have yourself

Daphne: I am an encourager more than a leader; if I try really hard, I can always get something done

Collette: that if I try hard enough, I can accomplish anything

Chelsea: how to collaborate and respect others while still being true to myself and I love to help


Final campfire 2015

The best thing that happened to me at camp:

Lilly: I tried sailing!

Frida: meeting my cabin

Elena: meeting my best friends

Sofia: making new friends and becoming closer with old friends

Aranxta: meeting my real cabin

Grace: I was accepted in my cabin group

Carlota: I thought it was going to be really hard to get along with my cabin after being away for a few years, but it was really easy, and we are closer now

Daphne: I met so many new people who are all my best friends

Collette: meeting all of my best friends

Chelsea: becoming closer with my cabin

Sara and Calla

Rockin’ CIT counselors!