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Create Your Own Scene: Silver Birch, Treetops, and Driftwood

2017 was a summer where we CREATED OUR OWN SCENE! See what the campers from Silver Birch, Treetops, and Driftwood had to say:

Libby: making everyone laugh

Eleanor: playing with the animals more

Delia: I was myself and wasn’t afraid to be myself

Kaitlyn: doing things I wanted to do

Lilah: doing new things

Carlota: believing in myself that I can do anything

Lou: making great friends and trying new things

Lizzy: trying new things

Betsy (CIT): I was the best Live-In CIT I could be this summer, and I stuck with swimming lessons.

Andrea (CIT): I have been scared of sailing, but I tried it again and really enjoyed it.

Tess: improving in every activity because I worked hard

Anika: making new friends

Dani: being with my friends

Ari: trying new activities and challenging myself

Maya: I tried many new things!

Brooke: Having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava: I did things that I wanted to do and not because others did them.

Makenna: by helping others and encouraging them as well

Ella: getting “Camper of the Day!”

Issy: trying things I have never tried before.

Isabella: being “Camper of the Day!”

Sofia: making new friends and enjoying everything

Sydney: getting “Camper of the Day!”


Deep In Our Hearts Forever

You may think my dear, when you grow quite old. You have left camp days behind. But, I know the scent of wood smoke will always come to mind. Little paths at twilight and trails you used to find.

You may think some day you are quite grown up and feel so worldly wise. But suddenly from out of the past, a vision will arise. Of merry folk with brown bare knees and laughter in their eyes.

You may have a little house built to your taste in  the nicest part of town.  But someday for your old camp swim suit you’d change your latest gown and trade it for a balsam bed where stars all night look down.

You may find yourself grown and wealthy; have all that gold could buy.  But you’d toss aside the fortune for days ‘neath an open sky with sunlight on blue waters and white clouds floating high.

For once you have been a camper then something has come to stay deep in your heart forever which nothing can take away.  And heaven can only be heaven with a camp in which you play.

Mary S. Edgar

See you next summer!

A Toast to Woodland Staff 2017

Posted by on August 3, 2017

The summer is almost over and camping days will be through;

We’d like to express our appreciation and say THANK YOU!!!

For the many times you lent a camper your helping hand;

For Lip Sync and Song Contest you tirelessly did plan.

For tucking campers into bed each and every night;

And helping them to overcome a small or large and scary fright.

For singing all those crazy camp songs;

Or just helping girls try to get along.

For taking campers on really awesome canoe trips;

And teaching girls to ride and giving them tennis tips.

For searching high and low for a gold painted rock;

Or helping campers dive from Woodland’s very own dock.

For going along to Cathy’s and eating a scoop or two;

(A counselor’s example is something important for all to do!)

For the spirit displayed at Olympics and Saturday night shows;

The difference you made? Sometimes you’ll just never know!

For zany campfires and wild things done to your hair;

For all the little things you do to show you really care.

For being hostess, making coffee, and just being on the ball;

For putting your arm around a child, a simple gesture says it all.

We Created Our Own Scene at Woodland in 2017;

Cheers to the super star counselors and staff – our dream team!

So here is a toast for everything you do;

From the bottom of our hearts we say THANK YOU!

From taco bar to lasagna, we had amazing food to eat;

The kitchen staff worked hard to keep us going on our feet.

For Chet this was year thirty-four and he knows all;

Together with Evan they are always on call.

Jess & Amy, our camp nurses of multiple years;

 We are grateful for their smile and words of good cheer.

Jess teaches girls to swim and ski, yes it is true;

Aman is the gal who takes the little ones on hikes and to Farm Zoo.

Daphne scores targets and wears camo from time to time.

To Silver Birch this terrific trio brings love & sunshine.

Jackie saves bread tags for Treetops in case you didn’t know;

Colette has many talents and always goes with the flow.

Arantxa can be found at the courts and helping campers take aim;

Ffion is keen in crafts and drama and to camp we are glad she came.

Grace can flip, ride and sail and do it all you see.

From Driftwood to Starshine, she made the move with ease.

Qualifier rounds and Rec Swim keep Caroline on the move;

It’s on the dock and at the Rec Hall where Elena finds her groove.

Paige summons Zulu and is the queen of sail race;

While Sofia teaches girls to swim and at canoeing she is an ace.

Sam gets up early to take care of her campers at the barn;

Then off Tamarack she goes to share her wit and charm.

Kate is a gal of the ring for riding is what she does best;

Chelsea posts pics on Instagram and is at the barn with the rest.

Claire sails on the high seas and goes to coed show practice at night;

Tori takes charge of Rec Swim – having her here is such a delight.

Alexis has a love for tie-dye and teaching ducks to swim in a pool;

Add Regina to the mix – with the CIT’s they have kept their cool.

Spoon assassins for Natalie and teaching tennis, too;

Sara is dying for more pancakes and her very own canoe.

Thanks to Calla and program notes we know what is coming next;

We can’t forget about Olympics and Co-Ed Show, she simply is the best.

For all this and more we thank-you for everything you’ve done;

Without you at Woodland, summer days wouldn’t have been as much fun!