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Create Your Own Scene: Silver Birch, Treetops, and Driftwood

2017 was a summer where we CREATED OUR OWN SCENE! See what the campers from Silver Birch, Treetops, and Driftwood had to say:

Libby: making everyone laugh

Eleanor: playing with the animals more

Delia: I was myself and wasn’t afraid to be myself

Kaitlyn: doing things I wanted to do

Lilah: doing new things

Carlota: believing in myself that I can do anything

Lou: making great friends and trying new things

Lizzy: trying new things

Betsy (CIT): I was the best Live-In CIT I could be this summer, and I stuck with swimming lessons.

Andrea (CIT): I have been scared of sailing, but I tried it again and really enjoyed it.

Tess: improving in every activity because I worked hard

Anika: making new friends

Dani: being with my friends

Ari: trying new activities and challenging myself

Maya: I tried many new things!

Brooke: Having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava: I did things that I wanted to do and not because others did them.

Makenna: by helping others and encouraging them as well

Ella: getting “Camper of the Day!”

Issy: trying things I have never tried before.

Isabella: being “Camper of the Day!”

Sofia: making new friends and enjoying everything

Sydney: getting “Camper of the Day!”