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2023 Gift Guide for Your Woodland Camper

We love the Holiday season for all the reasons you might expect: spending time with friends and family, enjoying traditions new and old, the anticipation of the first snowfall of the year and all of the activities that come along with it. The Jordan family has a tradition of spending time up North during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Sledding, making a snow angels, and romping through the woods in the snow are favorite outdoor activities.

Presents are always a big part of the festivities, and we care about them because to us, they represent more than just “stuff.” When we gift generously and thoughtfully we demonstrate our love for other peoples’ joy.

In that spirit, we are sharing our gift guide for the Woodland Camper, where we’ve compiled our best ideas for meaningful presents that help us remember previous summers or get us excited for the upcoming one. Of course, experiencing camp is the best gift ever (register for 2024 HERE), so these are just a few extra ideas!

Gifts to remind her of her favorite camp moments:

  • Our top recommendation? Nothing beats a trip to see her camp friends! Help bridge the gap between summers by having a reunion with her favorite people mid-year.
  • A Frosted Pine candle invokes memories of being in the Northwoods, especially when at Vespers Hill during Inspiration Hour, taking a trail ride, or sitting at the beach for campfire.
  • custom retro viewfinder can display camp photos in a new way.
  • Table Topics are a classic, and these on-the-go versions will get your family connecting and sharing.
  • Stay warm with a classic Woodland sweatshirt. They are truly timeless and the perfect lightweight sweatshirt for chilly summer mornings. Everything Summer Camp is offering a discount on Woodland/TP apparel through Dec 9th!

Gifts for game nights, rainy days, and missing Rest Hour:

Gifts to elevate your bunk:

  • What about a bulletin board to display your photos from home? This pin board name is really cool!
  • Or a cozy pair of pajamas?! Nothing beats pima cotton, especially Lake pjs. They are softer after every wash and hold up well for years. Elevate your bunk by elevating your jammies!
  • Make your bunk extra comfy this year with a cozy blanket or a pillow with a camp theme like this pine cone or campfire.

More gift ideas:

  • Recreate favorite camp activities at home! Look for a shooting range, a pottery studio, or a gymnastics experience where you live or might be visiting over the holidays.
  • You can also gift her an upgraded accessory for next summer. Think a new tennis racquet, riding helmet or boots, a Crazy Creek, or camera to capture her favorite memories.
  • Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on new camp apparel from Everything Summer Camp! You could also put a new pair of Crocs or maybe a backpack to carry around to activities under the tree this year.

Whatever gift you choose this Holiday season, your camper is sure to love the meaning and thoughtfulness behind it. We are counting down the days until we can be together again with our Camp Woodland family…Happy Holidays!

This blog was inspired by a North Carolina camp.