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56 Amazing Things That Are Still Happening This Summer

Posted by on May 6, 2021

We’ve told you all spring that we are adjusting some aspects of camp to work towards keeping our community healthy and safe in this unique year. If you get any of us started talking about it, you will hear that we are actually SO excited about the plans we have in place, and think they’re going to make for an even BETTER camp experience.

But one of the things we haven’t talked about enough? How many of your favorite aspects of camp are staying the same! Camp is still going to feel like camp, we promise. Still not sure? We’ve rounded up 56 of the best things that are for sure still happening this year. (And yes, we had to pick and choose because there are way more than 56 things!) Scroll through to get excited for what’s to come – we are!

Lip Sync Contest * Banquet * Being Camper of the Day * Canteen* Crocs * Evening Snack * Ketchup on Potato Chips * Taco Bar * Rest Hour * Bedtime story with your counselor * CIT Goodnight Song * Lasagne * Animals at Farm Zoo * Golf Cart Rides * Getting a bullseye * Queen of the Court * Inspiration Hour * Morning Assembly * Rainy Rest Hours * Donut Day * Writing letters or Bunk Notes * Tether Ball * Chicken Tenders * Ice Cream Sundaes * Looking for the Mother Lode * Singing *

Bringing a pinecone to Opening Campfire * Making friendship bracelets * Hearing loons call * Moonbeams on Sand Lake * S’mores * Canoe trips * Sleeping in a tent * Eagles soaring overhead * Jumping off the diving board * Feeling sand between your toes * Hearing JoAnne sing “I’m Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic” * Doing a handstand * Learning new dance moves * Hiking in Climax Forest * Finding a new Activity you LOVE * Eating 5 meals a day* Campfires * Fair Days * Dessert * Camp Birthday * Best STAFF EVER!

The Billboard Song * Dance parties * Wearing colorful rain boots * Tie-Dye * Evening Programs * Playing games at your table * Riding horses * Getting a “30” on inspection * Skipping down the Woodland Road * 9-Square in the Air * Lazy Sunday breakfast and spirit contest * And so much more!!

Here Comes the Sun in 2021!