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A Different Kind of “Sick”…


While it is possible to be car sick, love sick, sea sick, and earlier this summer there was probably even a little bit of homesick…is there such a thing as being campsick?!  According to an article published a few years ago in Newsweek, if your daughter(s) are experiencing moodiness, depression and/or surliness after returning home from camp, you are not alone!

It is a phenomenon known “campsickness”.  It’s like homesickness, but in reverse. Instead of missing the comforts and routines of their rooms, siblings and favorite home-cooked meals, kids suffering from campsickness feel deep sadness at leaving their new BFFs, nonstop activities, late-night chat sessions and budding independence.

It helps to keep in mind that being campsick may not even be a bad thing—at least for the camper. “That’s just a reflection of a fantastic camp experience,” explains a parent.

Though it sounds distressing,” says a clinical psychologist/camp consultant ,”being campsick can be healthy and teach kids about their own resiliency.”

Click here to read more of this article by Hilary Shenfeld so that you can help your camper make a smooth transition from camp to home:  Newsweek article

p.s. The countdown has begun…just a little over 300 days until camp begins again in 2014!