Camp Woodland Blog

A flurry of Activity!

As we begin week 4 we have seen significant improvement in all activities at camp!

Andrea P, Ana Pau G. passed level 5 in swimming lessons

Grace G., Grace B., Amelia D., and Victoria B. passed level 4 in swimming lessons

Ana Marta O got up slalom on skis and went all the way around the lake

Jenna K. and Aitanna got up on the knee board for the first time and went all the way around the lake

Daphne B., Claire P., and Claire S. won sail races

Ana Pau G. did an awesome job windsurfing

Ana Marta O. passed her black archer in Archery

Sophia M. passed bar 3 and Izzy O. passed her marksman in Riflery

Grace G. nailed her dive in swimming!

Izzy O. and Paula made their first mooring in sailing