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A Time to Give Thanks to Our Community!!

Created by Calla Craze

Thanksgiving is a joyous time of year to pause and take stock of everything in our lives for which we are truly grateful. Nothing beats quality time with family and friends; many of us have been fortunate to have more of that in 2020 than in other years. Of course, a big part of being together anytime, but especially at the holidays, centers around FOOD.

When asked to share a favorite Thanksgiving tradition at the 2020 Virtual Camp Reunion, many people highlighted cooking with their families and all the glorious food to be enjoyed.

  • Aria and Alegra shared, “eating the turkey leg.”
  • Izzi and Elena are looking forward to cooking with their moms.
  • Mera is excited about eating rutabaga.
  • Jackie can’t wait for mashed potatoes.
  • JoAnne actually likes sauerkraut with her Thanksgiving meal (something she learned
    from her Dad). She really likes candy corn this time of year too!
  • Kim has been known to serve up jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels and toast in honor of the
    feast Snoopy served for a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
  • As a kid, Lee shared that she used to try to eat the plastic grapes in the cornucopia
    on her family table. Now she fusses over the centerpiece with “fancy” paper mache

As tough as this year has been, we are all very fortunate that there is still so much to be thankful for this holiday season. When asked, most shared being grateful for their family, friends, and pets this season. Some shared that they were thankful for the extra time to spend at home with their family while others were thankful for their “pod” at school, giving them a little social respite in the chaos. Of course, many people were also grateful for their health and the health of their loved ones.

Even outside of the camp season, we are always appreciative of our wonderful staff and people who keep our favorite place running safely and smoothly. We would like to give a special shoutout to our nurses who work day and night to keep everyone happy and healthy, our kitchen staff who fuel us with delicious meals all summer long, and our maintenance staff who work tirelessly to keep our facilities safe and beautiful. All of these people play an integral role in our program and warm our hearts with all they do to contribute to our camp community.