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Adventure Awaits: Starshine, Tamarack and Driftwood

2018 was a summer where there were many ADVENTURES  to be had!  See what the campers from Starshine, Tamarack, and Driftwood had to say about their FAVORITE adventure:

Angie: going to see the fireworks

Annie: our cabin canoe trip

Maddie: going on a trail ride

Ivana: tennis, arts & crafts, and TP & Woodland Fairs

Eleanor: riding

Mariana: drama

Alice: the aqua tramp was so fun

Sydney: my favorite adventure was our canoe trip – it was my first one, and it was AWESOME!

Lilah: a canoe trip across the lake

Carlota: our canoe trip and campfires

Lou: our cabin canoe trip

Lizzy: the morning walk on our canoe trip

Paz: I loved the canoe trip

Kaitlyn: canoe trip (I’m sensing a theme here!)

Heidi: going on a trail ride was so relaxing

Caroline: definitely my first trail ride – my horse kept eating at the greenery!

Emily: I have always loved dancing and was scared of doing it.  I wanted an adventure at camp, so I DID IT!

Sydney H: taking care of myself (without my parents)

Delia: Going to the Climax Forest during “Alien Invasion”

Eleanora: Song Contest and Gold Rush

Libby: going to the Climax Forest

Caroline: our canoe trip