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Birthdays at Camp Woodland Are Really Special!

As the last week of camp winds downs, I start thinking about all the magical memories during camp.  I have to admit my favorite camp memory this summer was all the summer birthdays we got to celebrate.  There were over 9 birthdays and each one of them was so very special.  I have to believe that a returning camper only hopes they will have a cabin mate with a summer birthday (If they don’t have a birthday themselves). 

What makes camp birthdays so special is by all the attention they receive on their special day. The camper’s birthday is announced at morning assembly, and the whole camp sings Happy Birthday while the birthday girl runs around the circle.  Depending on the summer, the birthday girl may get a birthday badge to wear or a funny birthday hat with candles on top. This summer we had a birthday cake statue that we put on the birthday girl’s table.  When the girls sit at the table, the motion sensor goes off and the birthday song starts playing.  The girls find it hysterical!

After evening activity, the birthday girl and her entire cabin enjoy a birthday party. At Camp Woodland we make them a traditional angel food cake with a sparkler for a candle!   It is probably one of the most traditional things I love about camp! 

This summer was very special for my daughter, Maddie.  Maddie got to celebrate her very first birthday at camp!  Looking back I never dreamed that I would have a daughter at camp during her first year of life!  JoAnne kept asking me if Maddie’s birthday was special and my response was, Maddie thinks everyday at camp is special.  She is adored by all, learning new things every day, and feeling so loved!   If I get my way, Maddie will get to celebrate her birthday every summer at camp!