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Camp: From the Point of View of a First Year Camper

Posted by on July 11, 2012

Emily from Hilltop wanted to let everyone know about her summer at camp thus far.  This is her first summer at Camp Woodland! Emily is 12 years old, from a suburb of Milwaukee, and found out about camp from our website (Also, her mom loves Eagle River, WI!!!). 

Check out what she wrote below (no editing necessary):

“When you arrive at camp for the first time, it feels kind of strange as is true with all other new experiences.  You don’t know anyone but everyone knows each other.  You wonder if you will fit in and if the food will be good.  It is a little intimidating….. 
But everyone is so nice, all the activities are really fun, and yes the food is really good!!  And even though, it is my first summer here, I feel like I have known these girls forever. 
I came here an only child, but I think that when I leave, I will have gained about 51 sisters.  I can’t wait for the rest of the summer!!!”
Thanks Emily for your amazing point of view!