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Captain’s Log – Sail Race

We were able to peak into  Sailing Counselor, Suzanne, Capatain’s Log and found this particularly interesting entry about the first sail race:

Second Period begins with the ringing of the bell.

July 4, 2013… the first Towering Pines- Woodland SDSC07326ail Race of the summer

The five minutes to start whistle is blown. The wind dies. Course: 1, 3, 2, 3, 1. At the one minute mark the wind picks up.

The four boats cross the starting line. Similar tacks by all. At The buoy rounding is when the clear the division in ranks is made.  Boats are crossing courses to the next mark.

Rules being called out- “Buoy Room” “Leeward over Windward” “Starboard over Port” “Overtaken over Overtaking”

The race goes on… they head for the finish. Two boats are in front.  Chelsea skippering I Spy with crew of Mera and Daphne comes in first. In second and a long shot ahead of the third place: Boat was skipper Paige and crew Colette and Regina.  Eventually crossing the line was Mike’s boat with Jack, Santi, and Kate… This happened while the last boat finished rounding the last buoy. Matt, Diego and Jess were pinching their sails while heading downwind… could be the explanation for the fourth place finish.

Third Period ends with the bell.

Overall it was a beautiful day for a race. Woodland wins. Better luck next time TP.