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Step On The Gas As We Go From Acclimate to Accelerate

Posted by on July 12, 2016


After establishing our rhythm in the first two weeks of camp, we can push a little harder on the gas pedal and see what adventures await us during weeks 3 and 4. Some campers have decided to challenge themselves with a new activity (or two) while others strive for greater mastery in favorite activities.

Riflery Target

It was SO EXCITING yesterday at assembly to hear all of the announcements of campers passing levels, staying up on skis in choppy water, making a mooring for the first time, learning to canter, mastering a skill in gymnastics, or earning a qualifier in archery. Campers start to EXPLODE with accomplishments during the next 2 weeks – it is fun to watch them BURST with confidence like never before!


Having been together for a while, cabin groups usually discover that not everyone agrees all of the time. We embrace this opportunity for the real work of camp to begin! Several cabins will go on a canoe trip for a fun bonding experience and a change of routine. There is something about paddling to a destination, cooking over a fire, and sleeping in a tent that provides an opportunity for campers to connect in a way that is different from being at “home” in the cabin.

Canoe Trip

Song Contest is a highlight of this 2-week period. With the support of the counselors, groups come together and appreciate each other’s unique gifts and strengths. I am always amazed at what cabins can do when they put their heads together, change the words to a song, add in some creative dance moves, and practice for an all-camp performance. Behind the smiling faces during show time is the teamwork, negotiation, compromise, and problem-solving that went into accomplishing a common goal.

Lip Sync

Fun at Farm Zoo

 Farm Zoo at Woodland has never been better. We have really enjoyed taking care of the animals this year and we can’t believe how much they’ve grown over the past three weeks! Every day the campers clean the barn and make sure the chicks, ducks, goats, and rabbits are fed and happy. We work together as a team and have gotten to learn from one another. The older girls have done a really nice job of teaching the new campers how to clean the rabbit cage, hold the animals properly, and even take the goats on walks!

dsc09356During the first session the girls agreed on some fun names for the animals. We have two goats named Woody and Cow (one likes to chew on bark and the other is black and white.) We also have three new additions to the rabbit ensemble: two white ones named Snow and White and a brown one named Peter. The chicks and ducks, on the other hand, are much harder to name. First there are so many of them that it hard to keep track and second, they are hard to differentiate! Nonetheless, the girls still find ways to assign names as the days go by.

 Apart from making sure the animals are taken care of, Farm Zoo includes exploring the forest surrounding the camp and making nature themed crafts and goods. Last session, we learned how to make butter and discussed the differences between the butter we made and the butter found in grocery stores. I think together we all agreed that its good when we know where the food on our table is coming from, especially if you make it yourself!

photo 3-2

 This session, we have explored the bog and the girls learned about the old pond that used to take its place. They also took on the project of beautifying the camp by planting flowers and hanging pinecone bird feeders. In the coming weeks we are looking forward to continue exploring the land that surrounds us and hopefully get into the cheese making process!


Birthday Week at Camp Woodland…

We had a very special week at Camp Woodland for Girls. We already think it was special because it was the first week of camp. But we also celebrated 6 camp birthdays! I have to admit camp birthdays are magical around here.


I remember when I was a counselor back in the day and wished I had a birthday at camp. 70 girls start your daughter’s day right by singing happy birthday at assembly. After morning assembly, it is off to activities where everyone showers the birthday girl with happy wishes on her special day.


For other campers, it’s all about hoping they are going to have a girl in their cabin with a birthday. After evening activity they get a special treat…..Birthday party! The whole cabin celebrates with our traditional camp birthday cake (angel food) and the best part….a sparkler for the birthday candle.


Happy Birthday to all of our Birthday Ladies!!

Amanda O
Alex K
Adri S
Olivia J
Jenny D
Lindsay K.

Dear Blog…….Are you out there??

Enjoy the humorous writings of Jerry Abney.  Win Oaks Farms has been exclusively furnishing the horses for Towering Pines in 1946 and Camp Woodland starting in 1970.

Dear Blog,

Although we have never met, Lee Albrecht Biear seems insistent I should drop you a quick note on the riding program and the start of camp.  I don’t recall you as a camper. I was here from 59-64 and with a name like “Blog”- I’d surely remember you.  Funny, Dad (Win) doesn’t recall you either.  Did you ride??


Regardless, after the longest coldest winter I can recall, summer is in full bloom with the opening of camp and the passing of the solstice.  There have been quite a few changes in the horse line up.  At Woodland, Jake has retired due to the “Arthritis” – he’s at home loafing with this friends and a tall saddle-bred named “Big Red” has filled his stall.  The younger girls are really enjoying the new smaller horse, Little Buck!


Things are running well at Woodland, which is a real tribute to our counselors (Bobby B and Grace W) running the program – I am pleased and impressed by all their hard work.  With 2 full days of riding behind us, it’s shaping up to be another excellent year at Woodland – but that’s not a new thing here!

Well Blog, I’ll sign off and hope you can get up for a fun visit or the end of the summer horse show – I’d be really curious to meet you!  It seems everyone knows you except me!  Do you know any of the Bartells? They were here after me.  Just curious!!


Best wishes,

Jerry Abney
Retired Elementary School Principal
Win Oaks Farms of Crandon, WI

Home Is Where The Camp Is…..

I know, I know, the real saying is “Home is where the heart is!”,  but for me my heart/2nd home will always belong to Camp Woodland for Girls.  Hi, My name is Lee Albrecht Biear.  Some of you may know me because I started working at camp in 2012 as the Marketing Director.  But a lot of you don’t know that I got my start with the Jordan family in 1996 when I was about 17 years old.

I will tell you from my humble beginning that there is no place like it.  I thought 6 week camps only existed in the movies like on Parent Trap.  I had no idea that most of my life I lived just 2 hours from one of the most magical places.

I now live in Virginia and people ask me what is so magical about this camp?  I tell them it is where so many young people got their start.  Because of the Jordan family we learned not only the definition, but the value of so many of the following life lessons:

Persistence: I was not selected for a college study abroad program in Costa Rica. I didn’t give up, so I started my own study abroad program while still in college. It is now a nationally recognized program in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Lee designing water pumps with Latin American Farmers

Leadership:  Planning all of those evening programs paid off for me.  I was fearless in building project teams on the “fly” for the National Environmental Protection Agency, and received many accolades for my efforts in Climate Change projects.


Lee running US EPA National Conference

Determination:  Ran over 6 marathons! I thought I never could run more than 6 miles at once.   Camp taught me to be determined, never give up, and go after your dreams at any age!


Lee running 200 mile relay race

Making Friends for Life: I grew up in a small town where friends were made in kindergarten, and the art of making friends was lost until stumbling into college.  I learned how to make friends at camp that I will never lose.  I still talk to most of my camp friends and lean on them as a support system during life’s struggles.


Lee with fellow Alum Alice!

So just when you think your daughter’s learning a new activity this summer–sit back and wait, because they are learning so much more!!!

Lee Albrecht Biear
Camp Woodland For Girls 1996-2003 & 2012-2014
Master of Public Health
Camp Woodland Marketing Director
All Things Camp Director
Staff Mentor
Camp Mom