Camp Woodland Blog

Dear Blog…….Are you out there??

Enjoy the humorous writings of Jerry Abney.  Win Oaks Farms has been exclusively furnishing the horses for Towering Pines in 1946 and Camp Woodland starting in 1970.

Dear Blog,

Although we have never met, Lee Albrecht Biear seems insistent I should drop you a quick note on the riding program and the start of camp.  I don’t recall you as a camper. I was here from 59-64 and with a name like “Blog”- I’d surely remember you.  Funny, Dad (Win) doesn’t recall you either.  Did you ride??


Regardless, after the longest coldest winter I can recall, summer is in full bloom with the opening of camp and the passing of the solstice.  There have been quite a few changes in the horse line up.  At Woodland, Jake has retired due to the “Arthritis” – he’s at home loafing with this friends and a tall saddle-bred named “Big Red” has filled his stall.  The younger girls are really enjoying the new smaller horse, Little Buck!


Things are running well at Woodland, which is a real tribute to our counselors (Bobby B and Grace W) running the program – I am pleased and impressed by all their hard work.  With 2 full days of riding behind us, it’s shaping up to be another excellent year at Woodland – but that’s not a new thing here!

Well Blog, I’ll sign off and hope you can get up for a fun visit or the end of the summer horse show – I’d be really curious to meet you!  It seems everyone knows you except me!  Do you know any of the Bartells? They were here after me.  Just curious!!


Best wishes,

Jerry Abney
Retired Elementary School Principal
Win Oaks Farms of Crandon, WI