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CIT BLOG Highlights June 30-July 5

Posted by on July 12, 2008

A quick catch up on the previous week’s OD blog will get us up to speed on what’s been going on at Camp Woodland!

June 30
I forgot to wake up the hostess, but it was my very first day as OD so Trina knew to set her alarm in order to get up early to help in the kitchen. The morning consisted of regular officer duties like sorting mail and stocking canteen. In the afternoon instead of doing ski help, I suggested that the girls go tubing during rec swim since they don’t all know their level in swimming yet.

Signing off,

June 31
In addition to the usual OD duties, I got to go take pictures down at the waterfront in the morning. I also got a good one of Melba ringing the bell since she is the camper of the day. I enjoyed playing four square with my knees during evening activity, who knew those were the rules?

Signing off,
Bobby Booshea

July 1
The usual OD chores had me bored so I headed to the barn during second hour to assist the riding class. They can always use help there! Then I got to upload and label all of the cute pictures from the day before, everyone looked really cute. It was a great first day of being OD again. Although it was hard work, my shower paid off well during my hour off.

Signing off,
Cal Pal (ja’wepojdlfk;g-pe’apop)
PS “What did the warning say?”

July 2
Well it’s only my second day here in the northwoods but it feels like I never left. It was a slow OD day being Sunday and all but all the campers had a blast playing 4th of July games. France was a blast but I’m glad to be back at Woodland,

Signing off,
Chortle Meister

July 3
I went straight back to bed after waking up Claire to be hostess. Assembly was a little rough and I needed help with what to say and do, but that’s what friends are for. Happy birthday Ceci and Mrs. J! You guys did a great job running around the assembly area together! The best part of the day was getting to drive the golf cart down to canteen, of course accompanied by Mrs. J even though I have my driver’s license.

Signing off,
Court Sport

July 4
I woke up and went to ring the bell when I wasn’t supposed to ring it because the British were coming to wake us up this morning. Everyone in my cabin started to yell at me. When I came back inside my counselors told us all to wear red, white, and blue clothes because we are CIT’s. I later found out that it was a joke. I was so happy that I didn’t have to get in the water for ski help because we went to the boys camp for the campfire at night!

Signing off,
Gus Gus

PS Who you looking pretty for?

July 5th
I thought I would dread waking up early to ring the wake up bell but I was surprisingly eager for the day. My favorite part of the day was lunch and rest hour, of course. Also having an hour off was nice so I had time to get ready for the social with the boys at night. Tip of the day: you’re not supposed to wear that much make up at camp.

Signing off,

Big Slice, The Sail Goddess