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Create Your Own Scene: Starshine, Sunnyside, Tamarack

2017 was a summer where we CREATED OUR OWN SCENE! See what the campers from Starshine, Sunnyside, and Tamarack had to say:


Aubrie: I was myself, and I was proud of it

Lucy: I achieved my goals

Ellie: I took risks and explored all activities at camp

Katherine: this summer I went with the flow

Katie: I think I changed with my cabin, but I grew a lot, too.  I can do and deal with things I couldn’t do before.  I can sail, handle a horse, and swim a lot better.

Annie: I tried new things like riflery and sailing

Katie (CIT): I had fun during Co-Ed Show practice, I was happy and excited for things, and I was a good Live-In CIT.


Lauren: standing up for myself

Emily: being myself

Abbi: making new friends

Molly: I think by just having a positive outlook and forcing myself to be enthusiastic and happy for all 6 weeks.  Even when I was sad, mad, or unhappy, I kept a pretty good attitude.

Tori: by trying new things and not doing what others were doing – I did dance, tennis, drama, and canoeing

Monica: by not just taking activities but really improving in them

Isa: by listening to myself

Viv: I tried my hardest and tried new things

Jenna (CIT): I took sailing as one of my activities


Lauren: I was just myself and met new friends

Valentina: I tried new activities I never thought I would like

Tory: I tried new activities and passed more levels

Xime: trying new things and having fun

Maitane: being a better person and trying to have fun in everything

Lilli: I read during Rec Swim and wrote letters

Libby: by thriving and working hard in each activity area

Rachel: I enjoyed this summer with my best friends

Jenna (CIT): I took sailing as one of my activities