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Every Day is Independence Day at Woodland

Posted by on July 3, 2015

happy birthday usa

Happy Independence Day!  I remember my very first year as a counselor at Woodland in 1986 waking up to the sound of HORSES by my cabin instead of the usual wake-up bell.  I was a little startled to say the least, but I decided to roll with it and get into the spirit of the riders who were telling us that the “British were coming” and got my ten 13 and 14 year-old campers out of bed!

4th of July horses

The lodge was decked out in “red-white-and-blue” decorations that I’m sure the CIT on duty the day before had put up to make our dining experience festive.  Campers and counselors alike wore various patriotic clothing combinations of their own to contribute to the holiday celebration.  Activities continued as normal throughout the day; however, the hype for the evening’s “Red, White, and BOOM” campfire at Towering Pines built as campers negotiated the shower schedule to be sure everyone was squeaky clean and had time for proper primping before donning their Woodland Wear to get on the shuttle to drive to the boys camp.

Lizzy G

It is comforting to know that the 4th of July and all of the traditions that have become part of camp history are still in tact.  I am also reminded of the tie-in to the true reason we celebrate this July holiday in the first place.  We can be grateful to the many men and women who fought for the freedom we enjoy today, and you can sleep even better tonight knowing that your camper has an incredible opportunity this summer to exercise this right and explore her independence during her camp experience at Woodland.

TP 4th

Here are just a FEW of freedoms that come to mind when I think of a summer at Woodland:

  • the choice to select activities according to interests and talents
  • the ability to try something new if desired (the 2nd activity sign-up is next weekend!)
  • the opportunity to get to know girls from a variety of  geographic locations, backgrounds, and age levels that may be different from their own
  • the encouragement to be “real” and not some “fake” version of yourself
  • the gift of being in an outdoor environment where the sky, lake, trees, animals, and flowers make up your living room
  • the support of counselors and other caring adults
  • the chance to be independent during this growing time away from family and friends from home
  • the time to be away from stresses and worries and have more FUN than you ever imagine!

3 campers

You can be thankful that your daughter has this AMAZING opportunity to experience Independence Day EVERY day…just by being at camp!