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Feeling the camp fever!!! How about you??

IMG_5160One of the best things about camp is seeing how campers grew over the year and witnessing their eagerness to learn something new. This comes in many different forms including learning something new about themselves, reconnecting with camp friends and making new ones, and even trying new activities. As a counselor, the most fulfilling part of the camp experience is learning something new from the campers. Whether it’s a new craft project, song, dance, or story we learn just as much as the campers! Their excitement to learn a new skill and master another drives us to try new ways of teaching. Each summer I learn so much from the campers and even about myself. Learning doesn’t end with the end of the school year and camp is the prime example of how anyone can learn to thrive in a variety of different activities. Throughout the summer whether campers are at camp for two, four, or six weeks, it is obvious how they become more independent and comfortable with themselves as well as working as a team!


My parents still say that going to camp was one of the best things for both my sister and I because we thrived! We are comfortable in our skin, are willing and eager to get to know new people and try something new, and camp provided opportunities for us to become leaders. Learn, Laugh, Lead is not just a slogan it is a fact of what camp provides each and everyone who attends.


I, for one, am so excited to see how experienced and novice campers take advantage of this summer. Camp is “Where I Thrive in 1-5” and has been for years! What about you?

Authored by: Sara F
2015 Masters degree in Public History, Wright State University
Camp Woodland Camper, Senior Counselor