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First Canoe Trip – Aquarius

Posted by on June 30, 2012

The Counselors – in – training (CITs) got to go on the first canoe trip of the summer! The girls had a true excursion as they canoed the chain-of-lakes.  You may ask, “Lee, what is the chain of lakes canoe trip??”  Well, parents and friends I am so glad you asked.   The girls started off at Chain lake, canoed through Echo lake, took a short break at Stone Lake for a refreshing swim, and they ventured to their camping destination on Sand lake.  The girls worked as a team to keep all of their canoes together throughout the trip and enjoyed cooking their dinner on an open campfire!  As a treat for all their hard work, they got to sleep in (8:30am), eat chocolate chip pancakes, and have a small canoe trip back to Camp Woodland.  We give a lot of credit to Caroline A. who canoed the whole way!  This is her first summer at camp and she gave it her all to have an amazing adventure.

They wrote a poem about their experience but you will have to read it in the camp newsletter – No spoiler alerts here!!

This is a picture of the girls at their campsite!