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Happy Halloween from Starshine!


Costumes are not just for Halloween…we dress up at camp almost every day!  Decades Night, 4th of July Games, Pirates Day, Campfires…you name it, we wear it!  We would love to see pictures of you in your Halloween costume, so email us at:


Favorite Things from Starshine

Kelly: Bonding over cabin dance parties, spoon assassins because of trusting no one, the joy of horse back riding because I don’t do it at home, meeting new people, and working on Song Contest and Lip Sync Contest together as a cabin.

Cayley: My favorite thing at camp is just about everything! My favorite activity is tennis – I take 2 hours of it!  I love spoon assasins, it is such a rush!  I love banquet even though it is super sad.  Also, my counselors are amazing! Gold Rush is so fun, too!

Isa: Dessert because it tastes really good, spoon assasins because it is a very fun game, my friends because they are so awesome, and sailing because it is fun to act like we’re on the ocean.

Ana Pau G: Spoon assasins, Campfires, Olympics, Friends, Activities, and Riflery.  I liked when we worked on Song Contest as a cabin.

Barbie: All the activities, my friends, canoeing trip, campfire, our counselors (Lindsay and Jenny), the songs and games.  I love Camp Woodland…I just have a lot of fun here!!!!

p.s. The Camp Reunion for the Chicago area will be held on Saturday, November 23rd — we hope you can join us!