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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Driftwood!

Posted by on March 17, 2017

Best Moments from Driftwood:

What is one moment at camp you will never forget?

Bunny: When I arrived and saw camp for the very first time.

Valentina: When I went on the banana boat with friends.

Valeria: When I was dancing too much and fell on Tory’s tennis racket; we all started laughing.

Tory: The first time I got up slalom on 1 ski; it was really hard, but I did it.

Rachel: I will never forget the moment I rode on a horse.  It was one of the best moments EVER!

What is something adventurous you did this summer?

Bunny: I tried kneeboarding.

Valentina: When I went on my canoe trip across the lake.

Valeria: When I shot a gun and waterskied  for the first time.

Tory: When we went exploring on our canoe trip and found a bunch of cool things.

Rachel: I water-skiied for the first time this summer.  It was really scary at first, but I love it!

What is an achievement for which you are most proud?

Bunny: I got a bullseye in riflery.

Valentina: I passed my level 4 in swimming and now I can go in the deep end.

Valeria: I worked hard to pass my level in swimming so that I could water ski.  It was hard but amazing!

Tory: I won sail race my 2nd time skippering.

Rachel: I am most afraid of passing out of level 4 swimming.  I have so many more opportunities.

What did you learn most about yourself this summer?

Bunny: I can survive a month away from home.

Valentina: that I’m not that complicated and I’m proud to have family.

Valeria: I can do things I thought I couldn’t.

Tory: I can do anything if I try and work on it.

Rachel: I learned that I can do anything I put my mind to.