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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Tamarack 2015!

Posted by on March 17, 2016


Pot-O-Gold at the End of the Rainbow

2016 CIT’s Here We Come!

I am really proud of:

Ana: passing my advanced in tennis and kneeling in riflery

Claire: knowing that I only have 10 more qualifiers until I am kneeling in riflery

Sarah: going to camp exchange for riflery and passing my crop in riding

Lydia: passing out of swim lessons

Sofi: being skipper again after capsizing

Andrea: swimming my laps to Cathy’s

Katie: passing my black archer shooting at 30 yd

Betsy: passing from 20 yd to 30 yd in archery; being able to do water stuff after my knee healed

Jenna: fighting my fear of the top bunk

Susan: passing from level 4 in swimming to level 6 in six weeks

Gigi: going to a TP exchange


Canoe Trip

The thing I learned the most about myself this summer:

Ana: to have more self confidence and to be who I am

Claire: to be more self confident about myself because I know that no one will judge me

Sarah: friendship is one of the most special bonds ever

Lydia: I can be outgoing if I try

Sofi: even though you may be getting through a hard time, you still have to have fun

Andrea: the things I am capable of doing

Katie: I may not think so sometimes, but I really enjoy spending time with people

Betsy: I hate crutches(!!!) and that I can rely on my friends more than I thought and don’t have to keep everything a secret

Jenna: I love to comfort people

Susan: that I have worth and to value myself as I do others

Gigi: that there is always going to be one person that you just don’t get along with

Tamarack TP swim

Swimming at TP

The best thing that happened to me at camp:

Ana: making really good friends and spending time with them

Claire: learning survival skills in canoeing

Sarah: coming to camp and seeing my best friends

Lydia: spending time with the whole cabin and getting to know them

Sofi: to have the best cabin I could ever ask for

Andrea: being with my friends and cabin

Katie: meeting new people

Betsy: spending a month and a half with the best people in the world

Jenna: seeing all my friends

Susan: being in Tamarack with all of my close friends

Gigi: meeting all these amazing people


Thank you Natalie, Raquel, and Allison!!