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July 16 OD Blog

Posted by on July 19, 2008

Dear OD blog, July 16, 2008
I was having a beautiful dream, when suddenly I felt something staring at my face, it was pretty shocking at first, but then I realized it was Trina. So I went to go ring the bell and wake up Leah. (I have no idea what time she woke up but she wasn’t there. I guess she is a morning person.) Anyway, I went to breakfast and ate a delicious bowl of Captain Crunch and hopped my table. (OD and hopper on the same day, WOW Lucky me) Then it was time for assembly, cabin clean up, congrats to Tamarack and Sunnyside, your cabins are neat! Then I did some work at the office, I sorted mail, and stuff. (I wonder when my package is coming. I need my Woodland wear, dude) then came lunch and rest hour, OH YEAH! I was in the middle of my intense reading when I had to ring the bell, to do some tubing, oh yeah, LUCKY ME! Everything went great, I ate canteen, I ate canteen, and more canteen. Then came my hour off, I took a shower and wrote the blog and I am running outta things to say so bye.
Hasta la Vista
Jajay (a fuente sal chichi)
P.S. – ringing the bell is a PAIN, poor ear!