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July 18 OD Blog

Posted by on July 31, 2008

Dear OD Blog, July 18, 2008
Wow my second OD day! It flew by just as before. I woke up to ring the bell then went to wake the hostess and hoppers. Then my time to CHOW DOWN on some yummy breakfast! Grace White got Camper of the Day, congrats! I got to stop in at the barn to assist my 2nd hour riding class, and MAN did they tire me out while I ran next to them as they trotted. After a very quiet rest hour I had my favorite OD job, ski help! Everyone did a really good job. Canteen was even more delicious today because I got to serve it. Then of course, I spent my hour off at the barn once again. I went on a fantastic trail ride with all th girls, fun! All in all, a very eventful day!