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July 23 OD Blog

Posted by on July 31, 2008

Dear OD Blog, July 23, 2008
After waking up the hostess this morning I went back to sleep for about a minute before Lucy made me get out of bed. At breakfast I realized that I was hopper as well. Hopper and O.D on the same day, pretty tiring. In the morning I helped get ready for camp birthday, cant wait! JoAnne let me go to sail race because so many girls were on EN and they needed me there. I sorted mail and Marichu, that is the biggest package of food I have ever seen! After lunch I vacuumed the C.C and then observed my cabin. Love ya starshine! Ski help was fun and the girls really love tubing, but I was definitely excited to have my hour off. I needed a shower, I was starting to smell.
‘Til next time,
Bobby Booshea

P.S “It’s Herbal so you know it’s good”