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July 9 OD Blog

Posted by on July 19, 2008

Dear OD Blog, July 9, 2008
Being OD is so much fun, although there isn’t much to do. In the morning I sorted mail and filed orders for toothpaste and flashlights and whatnot, how can you girls lose so much in the first two weeks? I also got to learn how to use the laminator it was like a hair straightener but for paper, COOL! After I was ski help, it was my hour off, and let me tell you now that it was a super nice hour. I read my book and got around 50 pages in, YAY ME! When campfire started I missed ringing the bell and collecting letters, sorry Lauren. Signing off for now,
Swiss Miss
P.S. I’ve definitely messed up the most out of all the ODs ever!